Dumb Tetris Block in Lower East Side

This is a dumb building in Lower East Side. I took it from a hotel with a lot of European tourists in suits and it smelled weird. It’s also a dumb building for another time.

This dumb building lives in the “Two Bridges” neighborhood, which is next to the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. People hate it.

Here, we can see the full potential of dumbness. In a way, it’s admirable that the architects were able to build this dumb building so exact to the concept art.

Many dumb buildings in NYC look like Tetris blocks that fell in the wrong place.

In fact, if this dumb building was the red Tetris block, Lower East Side would be the rest of the Tetris game.

In an adorable article from last year, NYC stalwarts Council Member Margaret Chin and Manhattan borough president Gale Brewer talk about how the developers used a loophole to build this dumb building.

This picture shows a 2017 picture of people who were mad that the dumb building was going to built. No one listened, and now the dumb building has been built.

Another victory for dumb NYC. Looking forward to the building next to the Tetris block: three paint cans stacked on top of each other.


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